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Key Features

You can easily:

  • Look for matches for trips you make regularly (such as to work) and also trips you make only occasionally (such as to a sporting event or concert).
  • Select the travel modes that interest you for each trip.  For example, you might be interested in a carpool or bike buddy for some of your trips to work and a walking buddy for a trip to the movies.
  • Customize your route for each trip.
  • Record all of your trips by different modes during the day on the Commute Calendar and how far you traveled with each mode.
  • View charts and data summarizing all of the money you've saved, the pollutants you've reduced, and the calories you've burned via the Commute Calendar.
  • Add social media links like Facebook to your personal profile (optional).
  • Access more information on transportation options via the links at the top of each page.