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Employer Benefits

How can joining RTC SMART TRIPS benefit my company?

By registering with RTC SMART TRIPS trip matching service you will be able to evaluate the commute options your employees use and assess what travel reduction programs will work best for your employees and your company. Designated representative(s) from your organization will be able to download reports that will indicate how many employees participate from your company, their commute choice and their emission reductions. Your company representative(s) will also be able to post notices and personalize the information your employees see on our website by adding your company logo or a picture of your choosing.

RTC SMART TRIPS trip matching service can provide comprehensive reports for compressed workweeks, flexible schedules, telecommuting and bus, bike, walk, and rideshare use. The benefits of offering such programs can attract and retain skilled employees, reducing the need for costly training of new employees, or they may even expand your labor pool. While your employees enjoy reduced transportation expenses and traffic-related stress, your company can enjoy:

  • Tax and cost savings
  • Reduced parking challenges and/or costs
  • Tax and cost savings
  • An improved company image
  • Recognition for your environmental programs

How can I register my company?

You can register your company by contacting the RTC Trip Reduction Specialist at 775-335-1920 or Following registration, we'll provide you with instructions for customizing your organization's area of the website.

You can find more information about benefits to employers on the main RTC web site.